See the live demo here: SPINFLOW DEMO



SPINFLOW is the data interface between host Prepress Systems and the SPINJET system. SPINFLOW is a Windows based application which is placed between the output of the host systems RIP and the SPINJET system.

The SPINJET systems interfaces to most systems on the market today.

See the SpinFlow datasheet here!

Features includes:

  • Multiple input queues for different systems and users.
  • TIFF and HP RTL native file formats.
  • Input via Hot Folder, Manually selected file, TCP/IP-RAW, TCP/IP-LPD, FTP.
  • Output via TCP/IP-RAW, Windows driver, TCP/IP-LPD, Archive Only.
  • Parallel job receiving, processing and printing, using many HP printers simultaneously.
  • Set-ups for different job types: Work & Turn, Single Sided, Work & Tumble, Sheet Work.
  • Sequential printing of each side to HP ensuring print order is correct.
  • Wildcards page matching.
  • Auto centering of the front and back impositions.
  • Auto rotation of jobs to save paper (autofit/best fit option).
  • “n” Jobs saved for fast reprint.
  • Ink Reduction.
  • Centering of impositions onto paper.
  • Onscreen thumbnail views for fast and accurate job recognition.
  • Transparent scalable preview for double-sided adjustment view and correction.
  • Web-based user server access.
  • Load Balancing: Detects and balance printers workload. This enables efficient utilization of available capacity for installations with more than one SpinJet (or Designjet), and ensures optimal throughput.